Advanced Technology

At the Santa Barbara Center for Aesthetic Dental Implants and Periodontics, we have an uncompromising commitment to quality. We use only the finest and most modern equipment that dentistry has to offer and we practice rigid sterilization and infection control methods for your safety and protection.

Our spacious, state-of-the art office was designed to assist us in providing high quality care with the most advanced dental technology available, in an atmosphere that allows patients to relax and feel comfortable.

Dental Operating Microscopes

Each of our treatment rooms is fully equipped with the latest Global or Zeiss surgical operating microscope. This allows Dr. Shanelec to provide minimally invasive micro-techniques for improved outcomes, superior aesthetics, minimal discomfort, and accelerating healing.


Laser Microsurgery

We have used the carbon dioxide laser in our practice for 20 years. This technology has a variety of aesthetic applications for implants and natural teeth.


Digital Dental X-rays

Our practice employs digital radiography to significantly decrease radiation exposure to our patients. Utilizing digital x-ray technology, we also eliminate environmental contamination from x-ray developing chemicals.


Micro Ultrasonic Treatment

Micro Ultrasonic treatment is designed to remove calculus from roots utilizing ultrasound rather than rough scraping, which is generally more comfortable for patients. Our hygienist, Jaime Michelle, is thoroughly qualified to provide this treatment.


Non-Surgical Perioscopic Treatment

Perioscopy features miniaturized digital video to treat areas beneath the gum line without surgery, providing patients with a comfortable, non-surgical treatment option. Michelle has certified training in this technique as well.





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