Expertise & Credentials

Dr. Dennis A. Shanelec has set a standard for excellence in aesthetic dental implant and gingival (soft tissue) reconstruction and is recognized as the founder of periodontal and dental implant microsurgery. He is an international lecturer, sharing his knowledge with thousands of colleagues throughout the world. Dr. Shanelec has also published numerous articles and scientific papers, including chapters on microsurgery in four leading Periodontology textbooks

Upon completing his DDS from UCLA School of Dentistry, Dr. Shanelec completed his periodontal certification at the University of Southern California Dental School. He is a pioneer in microsurgery as a minimally invasive alternative to conventional surgery, producing superior aesthetic results and dramatically increasing patient comfort.

Dr. Shanelec is one of only 100 worldwide fellows in the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. Fellowship is granted by invitation and is based on significant contribution to Esthetic Dentistry. By founding the disciplines of Dental Implant Microsurgery and Periodontal Microsurgery, Dr. Shanelec has made a truly unique contribution to the advancement of Esthetic Dentistry.


Other professional memberships include:

American Academy of Periodontology

California Society of Periodontists

Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

American Dental Association

California Dental Association

Institute for Dental Implant Awareness

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