Specialized Treatment

The Santa Barbara Center for Aesthetic Dental Implants and Periodontics is truly unique, offering highly specialized treatment that is not available in any other center or practice in Santa Barbara, or Southern California.

As the leader in the field of microsurgery, Dr. Shanelec brings a level of precision and aesthetics to dental implants and periodontics that is unsurpassed in the dental profession. His philosophy of microscope-assisted dental implants sets him apart as one of the few surgeons in the country practicing to a minimally invasive standard of care.

Internationally renowned for pioneering microsurgical procedures for dental implant treatment and periodontal plastic surgery, Dr. Shanelec has developed three distinct techniques that are creating a new standard for superior aesthetics.


SMILE Technique Implants


Widely acclaimed throughout the profession as the dental implant technique providing the most lifelike, natural looking results possible, SMILE Technique Implants offer patients aesthetic results that are far superior to other implant treatment options. The procedure has a 98% success rate.

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Non-Invasive Implants


Unlike most dental implant surgery, the microsurgical technique utilized for Non-Invasive Implants is not only more precise for ideal implant alignment and improved aesthetics, but it also far less traumatic to the tissues, eliminating pain and reducing healing time.

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Aesthetic Microsurgery


With the Aesthetic Microsurgery developed by Dr. Shanelec, periodontal plastic surgery has been revolutionized. It is now possible to return teeth to their natural shape and the smile to its natural appearance with grafting procedures that are more comfortable and produce superior aesthetic results.

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