Superior Aesthetics

The exceptional precision of microsurgery provides patients undergoing dental implant or periodontal treatment aesthetic results that are far superior to those achieved by other treatment methods.

Dental implant microsurgery permits precise placement of the implant, aligned to emerge at the exact angle for ideal aesthetics, mimicking the natural tooth being replaced. In addition, since there is no trauma to the soft tissue due to the  major incisions of conventional implant surgery, it is possible to preserve the natural gum contours surrounding the implant. This combination of precise implant placement and preservation of soft tissue produces aesthetic outcomes that simply cannot be matched by other surgical procedures.

Similarly, microsurgical procedures for periodontal plastic surgery provide the extraordinary precision necessary to facilitate a perfect fit of the tissue graft covering the exposed roots. This technique produces superior aesthetic results with minimal discomfort.


The SMILE Technique was used to replace Lauren’s front tooth and restore her natural-looking, beautiful smile.

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